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Best to support EPA students with Federal Student Loans

In light of the Department of Education’s recent announcement to suspend federal student loan payments and waive interest during this national health emergency, our team at curated a COVID-19 Student Loans Series that will help college students facing barriers in East Palo Alto so they are informed and prepared during this time of unknowns in higher education. Please take a look below:

COVID-19 Student Loans Series 

Essentials to Student Loans:
Ultimate Guide to Private Student Loans:
Coronavirus Student Loan Suspension Guide:
With our nation, especially California, going into so many unknowns, it is essential that those who look to you for reliable resources will have easy access to resources that will get them through this crisis.  We hope to ease some of the financial anxiety that college students in East Palo Alto may be facing and hope that through our partnership, we can provide essential support.

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