Oxford Day Academy transforms the traditional public high school model by engaging and developing intelligent, compassionate young leaders with the character, ability, and passion they need to create positive change in the world.

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Co-created with young people and their families, Oxford Day Academy is a public charter high school for the Sequoia Union High School District of San Mateo County, California. 

At the core of our model, students are responsible for identifying and addressing the issues they care most about. Teachers use Oxford-style tutorials to help students connect this service focus with academic content, bringing student agency and personalization to new levels through five key design elements.

Ending on a High Note

It is hard to believe that this newsletter will be the last of the semester, and that our students are just a few weeks away from their final exams. As they prepare for finals, ODA students are also finding time and...

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Students Raise Their Voice

Though they may not yet be old enough to vote, our students still find important opportunities for their voice in politics. They are well aware of the social issues that await their generation; but rather than see themselves as victims of...

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Fidelity to Our Vision

Since we opened in 2017, it has been critical that we not sacrifice the integrity of our model. Harkness tables, small group instruction, independent learning time, Oxford tutorials, and field experience are critical to our vision, but they are also unfamiliar...

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College readiness

We are committed to excellence in teaching and prepare our students academically and for global citizenship.

Student-teacher ratio 15:1

Our community of dedicated faculty, staff, parents, and volunteers provide the support for every student to grow and thrive.

Next generation learning

We promote an environment of intellectual freedom where students learn to navigate a world of knowledge with curiosity and critical thinking.

Multicultural social leadership

Students learn to embrace the many facets of their identity to become more complete, authentic leaders in their community.

Student technology 1:1

We empower all students to be not only consumers but creators of technology, able to understand and shape the exciting world around them.

Design thinking service projects

Students practice self-direction and build empathy, creativity, and passion through real-world experiences.

Real-World Learning Opportunities

Service projects and community activities connect scholars to life beyond high school

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Giving Back Locally

ODA's field experience team fixing up parks in the community

Oxford Day Academy - Stanford Surgical Knot Practice 002

Hands-On Career Exposure

Our learners diving into surgical knot training at Stanford Medical School