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UPDATED: Important information for students taking AP exams


How to Prepare Your Students for the 2020 AP Exams

Dear Colleague,

Additional information is now available to help you guide your students through the AP® Exam day experience.

New Resources

2020 AP Testing Guide (.pdf/10.9 MB): The guide, designed for educators to walk their students through test day, provides information about:

The AP Exam e-ticket

Five steps to take before test day

Understanding the test day experience

Exam scores, credit, and placement

2020 AP Exam Day Checklist (.pdf/526 KB): Teachers should have their students complete this checklist for each exam they take and keep it next to them while testing.

Explainer Videos: New videos are available to give students quick, easily accessible information about their test day experience, what they need to do to prepare, exam security, and more. Explore the playlist.

Other Reminders

AP Exam Demo (available May 4): AP students should use the clickable exam demo to practice the different ways to submit their exam responses. The demo will help students confirm that their testing device will be able to access and run the online exam. If they can’t access the demo, the final slide of the Testing Guide can help them troubleshoot. The sample content in the demo will be the same for all users and isn’t a practice exam. We’ll send educators and students an email to remind them when the demo is available. Please encourage your students to take this important preparation step.

Educator Webinars: Trevor Packer, the head of the AP Program, will walk participants through the 2020 AP Testing Guide. AP staff will answer questions during the presentation. This series of webinars includes:

Discipline-specific webinars for AP teachers, April 28–30

Updates for AP coordinators webinar, May 1

An exam day webinar for school counselors, May 4

Online AP Classes and Review Sessions prep week: The week before exams, online AP classes will focus on the exam day experience and sample exam questions.

Student Outreach:

If you have any difficulty reaching your students, use your student roster in My AP to access email addresses and phone numbers.

If any of your students are having difficulty receiving College Board emails, walk them through the steps on the “Confirm your email address” page.

Information for AP Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish Language and Culture Exams:

The above exams will be administered using a new dedicated app, the AP World Languages Exam App. Students taking these exams must use this app on smartphones or tablets. This free app will be available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store the week of May 11. We’ll email students and their teachers to let them know when the app is available to download. Visit our site for more details.

A video walk-through of the test-taking experience will be available the week of May 4.

Details on accommodations for the above exams are also now available.

If your students are unsure about accessing the app, or if they don’t have a device, they can fill out this survey (or you can complete it on their behalf) as soon as possible so we can help support them (applicable to U.S. and U.S. territories).

Information for AP Music Theory Exams:

Before exam day, students will need to print or hand-copy the 2020 Music Theory Answer Sheet and gain access to an audio recording app or software before exam day. Please see more information on the website.

Thank you for all that you’re doing for your students.


Advanced Placement Program


Dr. St-Roseman forwarded this email to give information to all students taking Ms. Louie’s AP Statistics exam:

Dear Principal,

This year’s at-home AP® Exams begin on Monday, May 11.

Exam Details. Students can take their AP Exams online on any device they have access to—computer, tablet, or smartphone. They’ll also have the option to write their responses by hand and submit a photo.

Exam Schedule with Course-Specific Exam Information

Taking AP Exams Online

Exam Security

Exam Communications. Over the coming weeks, email will continue to be the primary way we reach out to you and your students. Please remind your school community to mark as part of their approved sender lists and encourage them to update their cell phone numbers in their College Board accounts.

Exam Prep. Earlier this week, we reached out to AP students to understand how they’re preparing for AP Exams and what additional information or resources they’ll need. And today we shared information with AP teachers about their students’ exam-taking intentions, asking them for their help in ensuring students are aware of changes to this year’s AP Exams. Please check in with your AP teachers for access to that information.

Free Online Learning. Students can tune in to live online AP classes and review, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. ET, hosted by AP teachers from across the country. On-demand recordings also allow students to watch at a time that’s best for them and their families. Teachers can use these lessons to supplement their online instruction or they can assign these lessons as independent learning for students.

Online AP Classes and Review


Student Practice on AP Classroom. When students log in to AP Classroom, they’ll now see free-response questions that can help them practice their knowledge and skills as they prepare for this year’s AP Exams. They’ll see scoring criteria to help them revise their responses and they can get direct feedback from their teachers. Students don’t need a lockdown browser to complete free-response questions on AP Classroom.

Log in to My AP

And, here are a few helpful links to make sure everyone in your school community has the latest information about this year’s AP Exams.

Updates for Educators

Updates for Students

Updates for Coordinators

Thank you for your ongoing support. We wish you, your families, and your school community good health and safety.


Edward Biedermann
Executive Director
Advanced Placement Program

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