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Important news: Launching Online School 3/20

Dear Parents/Families,

We at Oxford Day Academy want to make sure students continue their education, and because of that, we are taking the initiative to provide  on-line classes to all our students, beginning Monday, March 23rd.  Although the Governor stated the school year is effectively over, we are requiring All Oxford Day Academy students to log into their on-line classes on Monday

Students on-line classes will begin in their core courses (Math, Science, English and History).  Students will follow their regular school day schedule.  For example, if your child has English from 9 – 10:30 am on Monday and Biology from 1 – 2:30 pm that same day, they will log into each of these classes 5 minutes (8:55 am and 12:55 pm) before the class starts. Please make sure your child has a space where they can do their on-line classes uninterrupted. We are using the Google platform (Google Meet, Google Classrooms, Google doc, etc.) for our on-line courses, in addition to Zoom (in some classes).

Dr. St. Roseman will be on Campus on Monday, 3/23, from 10am – 1pm.  

If your child does not have a computer or WiFi, please let us know immediately by calling or emailing Ms. Karla at  If you have not yet taken the technology survey. Here is the link:  Student and Family Technology Survey

Meals – All Ravenswood schools will be providing complementary breakfast and lunch for anyone 18 years old and under, from 10am – 1pm, March 16 – 26.

We are regularly updating information on our Oxford Day Academy website in the section marked Covid-19 Updates, so please make sure to visit the site.

Please be safe at this time. The Governor’s most recent order has issued a “stay at home” order that impacts school sites.

According to the Order, only “critical infrastructure sectors” may remain open.

We will update you with more information as we receive it.  In the meantime, please be safe and well.


Dr. St. Roseman

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