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My School Is Special Because…

Oxford Day Academy - Newsletter April 2018

Have you ever wondered what makes your school a special place to be? We ask ourselves this question each and every day at Oxford Day Academy, and our answer is always the same: our school is extraordinary because of the incredible students, parents, community partners, and staff who bring it to life each day. Their energy, love, and passion are infectious, and we are so grateful for all they do to make us something great.

Last month, we asked these same people to tell us what makes Oxford Day Academy special to them. We were curious to know what keeps their passion alive as the weeks and months pass by. Read below for a few of the responses we received and, from all of us, thank you for the ways you bring your energy and passion to our school. We are fortunate to have you in the Oxford Day Academy community!

Yoseline, Student

My school is special because we have a unique system that allows us as students to make our way to a better future. We have a community of respect and love for everyone no matter their race or skin color. The goal we have is to make a difference in the community and in ourselves to be something better. Oxford Day Academy gives us a lot of opportunities that will help us in the future. Our school also includes everyone in our families to participate in school activities, so they know what has been going on in our classes and what new ideas and opportunities are being presented to us.

Margarita, Parent

My school is special because when my daughter was about to start 9th grade, I was so worried because I didn’t want her to go to her local high school, I’ve had bad experiences at that school and nothing got better in several years, so I started looking for other alternatives. When I found out that Oxford Day Academy was about to open a High School I thought there was no better option.  I did not hesitate a second to register my daughter with them, and when I met Dr. Dwinal and Dr. St. Roseman, I knew that this HS was going to be a great promise for the students.  Now the students are in their second semester and I can’t be more satisfied with Sofia’s educational performance. I’m very happy when I see my daughter doing her homework without me forcing her.  She knows what to do and when she doesn’t understand something, she knows she can go to her teachers and ask for help; they are always willing to help the students and make sure they get to the point where they learn how to help each other.  Also, students are regularly motivated and appreciated during school assemblies.

As a mother, I am very happy to know that my daughter will have an opportunity to go to a school for her own merits and have the support of the teachers and directors of Oxford Day Academy. I wish many parents were given the opportunity to know about this school, I know they would have a bright future for their kids.

Ivan, Community Volunteer 

My school (Oxford Day Academy) is special because it takes an innovative approach to education that truly nurtures the creativity and education of the students while enhancing their ability to successfully communicate with people at all levels.  This high school has created an environment which takes students well beyond the ‘question and answer’ process associated with learning.  Students are given the opportunity to verbally demonstrate their answers to others via interactions from the front of the room.  Service to the community is a strong component of the curriculum and students experience first-hand the value of contributing to those who are generally less fortunate in the community. The interaction with the students that builds their self-esteem and confidence when speaking with others is also unique to ninth graders–and some of them have already spoken successfully at public events–while inspiring the audience with their passion and life stories.  Respect for others is very evident at the school.  Oxford Day Academy truly cares about its students–and that is reflected in the enthusiasm in the hallways and classrooms.

Latrice, Teacher

Upon entering our space, one will feel the pulse of our community with every pleasant exchange that they are sure to have with either a student or a staff member. We thrive on maintaining a place of intellectual freedom, where students critically navigate a world of knowledge at their own pace. Our students are resilient, genuinely empathetic, and always keeping the challenges of their people close to their hearts. My school is a place where exposure and opportunity are not predicated on zip code, and where our visions are produced from a lens of equity. Oxford Day Academy is a place of inspiration; I am privileged to encounter and cultivate the brilliant young minds of my community.

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