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Our First Final Exams

Oxford Day Academy - Newsletter January 2018

Oxford Day Academy students experienced their first finals week this December. In keeping with the traditions of the University of Oxford, all  took their exams in official ODA wear — in our case, a bright blue tie. Also in keeping with the university experience, students were required to complete rigorous, cumulative exams that tested not only their content knowledge, but also their ability to develop a study plan, stay organized, and maintain discipline in the face of struggle. Read below for a firsthand account of this experience, and from all of us at Oxford Day Academy, Happy New Year!

Feelings of Finals Week

By Abraham Barajas – 9th Grade Oxford Day Academy Student

Finals week is a week of tears, sweat, and dedication. If you don’t study even the smallest things – like what is an element – it can really descend your grade. It is a week that makes you work with a subtle pound in your brain every time you try to memorize a problem. Some people drown in their sorrows. Finals week is a week of disappointment.  You get your white shards of wood back from your teacher and see the big red F on your paper, even though you studied until your brains came pouring out your ears like water pouring out a faucet – finals week can disappoint. Finals week makes my whole body ache like I just came out of a wrestling match with a Monster Truck. It makes my legs hurt like I just came out a marathon with weights tied to my knees. Finals week is one of the most bipolar weeks you can be a part of, first you’re confident until you walk towards the thick, glossy, light brown door that keeps you separated from the room where your final grade will be decided by your actions, the things you know, and the things you say. It’s like coming face to face with death, you’re not ready to put down your pen, you want more time.  Lessons learned:

  • Pay attention everyday in class
  • Do your homework instead of cramming two weeks before finals
  • Review the content daily
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help and utilize your peers.

These are the collective feelings my peers and I felt as we took our first final exams in high school.

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