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Preparing for the SAT


Our students spend their days learning how to think deeply and critically, and they know this will set them up for success in college and in life. Equal part to that success, our students must be equipped to navigate the admissions process in order to attend the college that is best for them. For this reason, and as part of the comprehensive college counseling program at our school, 10th grade students have begun preparing for the PSAT and SAT exams they will take next fall. As one student explains: 

Preparing for the PSAT and SAT helps me to achieve my goals by helping me get comfortable with standardized testing. Also, preparation may help me get a good start on my journey to college…. My goal for my performance is to get comfortable with testing for a long period of time, managing my time on questions, and being able to understand the test. I want my performance to be the best it can.”

We are excited to see our students get a step closer to the college of their dreams, and we are especially grateful to AJ Tutoring for donating their team’s time and resources to our school. 

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