Remi Sobomehin

Board Member

Born and raised in Portland, OR to parents committed to community activism and educating underprivileged youth, Remi Sobomehin has always known that education was the field in which his life would be committed. During his undergraduate program at Stanford University, Remi got involved in the East Palo Alto community with local non-profit organizations and recognized the emotional disconnect that many students had with school. There he realized that mentorship and guidance was needed to navigate the emotional and social aspects of being a high school student. After his time at Stanford, Remi got introduced to Restorative Justice as a new form of community building and discipline in schools and was offered the opportunity to spearhead the program at EPAA. Remi started and grew the Restorative Justice program for 6 years, before realizing the work to build the minds, characters and heart of our students had to begin much earlier. In 2017, he started as the director of the Boys and Girls Club in East Palo Alto, where he is focused on transforming the club into a hub of the community that addresses all students (k-12) holistically and engages partners in and around the community to do so. Remi is married and has a 2-year-old son and 3-month-old daughter.