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Student Spotlight: Meet Kimberly


School is back in session, and our students are hard at work: thinking, learning, challenging, and growing. This is especially true for our juniors, who are busy ramping up for college applications and life after graduation. In the flurry of SAT prep, extracurricular activities, and rigorous academics, ODA juniors continually push themselves towards their fullest potential. Read below for the perspective of one such student– Kimberly, our student with the highest grades last semester. We are so proud of Kimberly and her classmates, and we know their hard work will pay off as they build towards their dreams! 

Life as an ODA Student
Kimberly, 11th grade

Oxford Day Academy Students have an enthusiasm for discovery that drives them to completely comprehend class material as opposed to simply stress over what grades they get in the course. Driving oneself to learn and attempt new things can be troublesome, yet acceptable. As ODA students, we are expected to challenge ourselves as opposed to staying in our “comfort zone.” At ODA, we understand that simply attending class is not enough; we arrive punctually, because tardiness disrupts the class and disrespects the professors, and we come to class prepared with our notebooks and homework. Students regularly pay attention during lectures rather than off-task activities, such as checking phones or having side conversations. Effective participation requires a balance between listening and talking, so that students have the opportunity to share their opinions if necessary, but also respect the point of views of their fellow peers, when their peers’ opinions differ from their own.

I’ve been told by numerous people that junior year is the hardest year in high school. It’s the year when students are joining clubs, finding new hobbies, participating in programs, taking courses that are more advanced, and looking into which colleges they’ll be applying for during their senior year. I am currently taking Physics, Honors American Literature, AP Statistics, U.S. History, and Archery (last semester I also took Spanish for Heritage Speakers at Cañada College). Like my peers, I struggled in the AP Stats class because it was a new way of learning; we had a textbook that we depended on 120% of the time. Although the class was a challenge, I was determined to study hard and earn an A. By the end of the semester, I had the highest grade, an A+. Also by the end of the semester, I had an A in every class, including the Spanish class at Cañada College! Having a 4.0 was an accomplishment that I worked really hard for. 

I am determined to get into a good college to further my education, therefore I always put in 110% effort into what I do. As a junior, I am also looking into taking advantage of opportunities that come my way. For example, I applied for a program called MAGIC, which stands for More Active Girls In Computing. I applied for this program because I am interested in learning more about the world of CSI and how science plays a key role in it. With the help of my science teacher, I will be starting the first Coding Club, for girls, at Oxford Day Academy. Outside of school, I am also going to participate in a financial literacy program that’ll last about 3 months, which is a partnership between MyPath, Chase Bank and the Golden State Warriors! MyPath is a national non-profit organization focused on paving low-income student economic pathways and working to design and scale models that support cities, youth employment programs, and financial institutions. Regarding my summer plans, I have applied/am applying for a few different programs that’ll give me more knowledge about law and CSI.

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