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One of our core values, Kujichagulia, reflects our commitment to self-determination: Oxford Day Academy students must learn to be the solvers of their own problems, and the leaders of their own lives. Through this lens, our school community pushes students not just to achieve academic excellence, but to also design, implement, and adjust solutions to any challenges that get in the way of that goal. Most recently, a group of ODA students developed a new school-wide system for increasing homework completion. Read below for a reflection from one of those students as to why they developed this new program, how it works, and what they hope to achieve. 

By: Heleine G., 10th Grade

Community Response to Academic Management (C.R.A.M.) is a restorative response to the recent homework detention that was implemented here at Oxford Day Academy. C.R.A.M is an innovation created, run, and led by the Student Parent Teacher Community (STPC). We took initiative to implement alternative options that were restorative in order to help our peers set goals related to time management and work production. C.R.A.M. is an after-school program on Mondays and Wednesdays that provides students with academic and mental health support from peers, teachers, and community tutors. Our partners help us in all subject areas and we’ve already begun to see results from our efforts. Within the first week of C.R.A.M., school-wide homework completion has increased by 8% from the overall highest homework completion since the homework detention started. We are excited to be able to offer this support to our peers, as we look to grow a community that is rooted in academic rigor.

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